Near Whaleshead Beach, Brookings, Oregon

Sky Scientific began operations in Skyforest, California, in 1979 manufacturing a line of specialized cameras for astrophotography as well as aftermarket accessories for Meade® and Celestron® Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes. A retail store offered instruments and accessories for astronomy as well as conventional photography.

Optical design software was initially created for internal product development purposes but evolved into a viable commercial product beginning in 1994. More software applications and a few book titles were added in 2007 under  the  imprint  "Sky  Scientific  Press."  Currently,  Sky Scientific offers powerful, yet economically-priced, Windows®-based software for optical design, book formatting/publishing and Video Keno gaming. 

As an adjunct to dbOptic, the optical design software application, Sky Scientific also offers a mixed compendium of new, used and surplus optics, books and supplies for amateur astronomers, hobbyists and educators.

Sky Scientific is a privately held company and is NOT affiliated in any manner with the publicly-traded company, Sky Scientific, Inc., trading with the stock symbol "SKYS". Sky Scientific Press (book publishing) was established as a separate company division in 2013. 

Company operations were relocated from Skyforest, California, to Brookings, Oregon, effective January 1, 2019.


Sky Scientific
PO Box 7067
Brookings, Oregon 97415

(442) 325-4101

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