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Author & Publisher Manuscript Maker is a database-centered software solution that enables publishers and author/self-publishers to create and manage electronic and print book projects. The application utilizes Microsoft Jet (MS Access) database technology to store the entire text of book projects and create HTML, ePUB and Print PDF files that may be uploaded to most eBook distributors and retailers (including Amazon and Barnes and Noble) as well as print-on-demand providers such as LuLu and Amazon's CreateSpace.

The Manuscript Maker application may be installed on a single PC workstation or in a network environment with multiple users linked to a common "back-end" data file. Each data file (maximum 2 GB) is capable of storing 500 to 1,000 book projects or up to 70 million words. It is unlikely that an individual author's complete body of work could fill even a single data file. A publisher with many titles could create separate data files to store projects together by genre or author. Book projects may contain up to 99 chapters with no particular limit on the number of words in each chapter.

The slide show below displays and describes the functionality of several screens that make up the application.

Open this web page on your laptop or desktop computer to view the slide show of Author & Publisher Manuscript Maker program features.

Open this page from your Windows® laptop or desktop computer to download the Manuscript Maker software.

Download the full-featured FREE trial version of Author and Publisher Manuscript Maker below. Within a short time, you will be able to generate a validated ePUB or Kindle eBook upload file PLUS a print-on-demand PDF of your book manuscript—both from the very same Word Document or text file of your manuscript.

           System Requirements:

Windows 10 or

Window 7 or Windows 8 or
Windows Vista or
Windows XP (Service Pack 3)

Additional Tools Needed only for Print Book Projects:

• Microsoft Word version 2007 or later (or an earlier version with the free Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack installed)

• A PDF-Writer Application

  1. Clicking the Download button below will take you to the Sky Scientific software files Download Page. Select and download this file from the Download Page:

  2. Open the file to install the Manuscript Maker program. In the event the "Windows Protected Your PC" warning message is displayed, you may  proceed with the installation anyway if you click the "More Info" link that appears.

  3. Run the application and check out all the features. If you are pleased with its performance and capability, you may order the License Activation Key below to transform your trial version into the permanent licensed version of this software. Without the License Activation Key, the program will continue to run for about 30 days, giving you plenty of time to review it.

  4. If you encounter a problem with the installation or operation of this software, contact us.

As a valuable aid to new users of the Author & Publisher Manuscript Maker application, we offer a FREE copy of Thomas Schriftsteller's User Guide to Author & Publisher Manuscript Maker v 4.0 in PDF format. This useful guide includes several examples to help you step through the software program features and provides many formatting and self-publishing tips along the way.


If you have already downloaded, installed and reviewed the Author & Publisher Manuscript Maker software and you believe it will be of value to you, you may order the License Activation Key below that will transform your installation into the licensed version of the software.

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