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dbOptic Version History

Software Upgrade (Ver 1.4)
Free version 1.4 upgrade available to individuals and companies that have purchased earlier versions of dbOptic. The evaluation version has also been upgraded.  Prior users of the evaluation version are able to download and run the latest version, even if the evaluation period for the earlier version has expired.
Software Upgrade (Ver 2.0)  - Feb 2003
The version 2.0 upgrade add features including polychromatic spot diagrams and imaging of extended objects. 

Version 2.1 Software Upgrade - Dec 2003
Version 2.2 Software Upgrade - Aug 2004

The version 2.1 upgrade improves program operation during nested sorting and filtering and expands the Glass Catalog to include 31 additional glass types from Pilkington plc.   The ver 2.2 upgrade improves RxDetail Grid operation when entering or editing surface data for new prescriptions.
Version 2.3 Software Upgrade  - Dec 2004
Version 2.3 corrects various miscellaneous program anomalies present in earlier versions. The evaluation version has also been upgraded.

Version 2.4 Software Upgrade  - Oct 2005
Free version 2.4 upgrade available to individuals and companies that have purchased earlier versions of dbOptic.   Version 2.4 corrects problem experienced by some Win XP users of program shutting down without warning when entering surface codes (e.g. "S", "F", etc) in Rx Detail Grid.  Jet 4.0 Access tables have been upgraded to MS Access 2003 structure. 

Alternate Version 2.4a - Apr 2006
Corrects reported installation problems associated with the Windows® File Protection System. 

Version 2.5 - May 2007
Corrects several problems that often prevented successful program installation or operation with Windows Vista® operating system. 

Version 2.6 - May 2009
Install package updated to include current MS dynamic-link libraries. Adjusted size of primary form to eliminate cutoff at 720 pixel screen height. Added direct link to Activation Key order page in evaluation version. Updated program documentation. Verified compatibility with Windows 7® pre-release version. Added warnings to preclude inadvertent entry of surface radius of curvature for Flat and Iris surface types. 

Version 3.0 - May 2011
New features added including (1) importing ZEMAX® Lens files (2) tilted surfaces (3) improved network operation with multiple workstations (4) linking to alternate back-end databases. 

Version 3.1 - Mar 2017
Addresses operational issues identified while running dbOptic under Windows 8.0, 8.1 and Windows 10.

Version 3.2 - Apr 2018
Addresses new operational issues present for some users after running Windows 10 updates.

Version 3.3 - Oct 2018
Corrects minor program bugs and adds security feature that initially locks designs in linked "library" databases. These fixes and others that improve program operation suggested by Mr. Chris Lord, FRAS.

Version 3.4 - Mar 2019
Adds a feature to display ray bundles.

Reporting Program Installation and Operation Issues
Please report program issues that you are experiencing via email.  Identify your pc operating system.  If problems can be repeated, please provide the sequence of steps that can reproduce the problem. 

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