Adventures in Time Travel


A Vietnam-era pilot and his navigator are thrust through space and time to rural Pennsylvania on the eve of the Battle of Gettysburg.
When it was learned that our hero pilot — officially Missing in Action and presumed dead — may not have perished as previously believed, a history professor and his protégé are enlisted to weave together the threads of this lost airman’s life and bring solace to a grief-stricken mother.


After helping solve the very strange case of a Vietnam-era pilot MIA caught up in a cosmic time shift and featured  in the author's novel CONVERGENCE,  Professor Roger Atwood and Amanda Marshall are off on a new quest. This time they are determined to uncover  the truth behind the 1947 Roswell UFO incident. Were we really visited by aliens? Was there a government coverup?
In this fast-paced novel based on the often-told story and speculation surrounding the Roswell Incident, the author presents a startling alternative explanation for one of the most controversial events of the last century. 


Ancient Aliens and Alternate History


They came from the stars — from a place in the night sky known to the ancients as the “Beak of the Turtle.” They came to Earth in search of their roots and found a civilization that had just begun to stir.
The startling details of this alien visitation remained unknown until Beijing University Professor Tsum um Nui successfully translated the microscopic symbols engraved on some ancient stone burial discs.

The discs — later to become known as “Dropa Stones” — had  been discovered years earlier by a colleague during a 1938 expedition to the Bayan Har Mountains near the China-Tibet border.
Despite the astonishing nature of his findings, Professor Tsum earned little recognition for his work. Now, more than fifty years later, the Professor’s daughter is determined to make sure that her father finally receives the acclaim he deserves for this important work.

BEAK OF THE TURTLE is a story of ancient aliens and the quest of modern day investigators to find and interpret the evidence they left behind 4,600 years ago.


Pamela Devereux and her Grandson Jason watched  as the feathered visitors swooped down to the old weathered aviary on the deck of her Cedarpines Park home nestled in the San Bernardino mountains in Southern California. The aviary door had disappeared long ago, and the birds could come and go freely, attracted by the bowls of fresh water and birdseed that Pamela refilled daily.

When a young Rock Pigeon returns to the aviary again after several recent visits,Pamela recalls the strange events that began twenty years earlier: How a visitor to the aviary from another time helped to save her son, the father of Grandson Jason.

THE AVIARY is a tale of alternate history and the unintended consequences that follow as countries in conflict race to develop terrible new weapons of war.


Political Fiction and Political Discourse


No one could have predicted it.
The administration looked forward to successfully completing the final year of the President’s first term, winning re-election and moving on to four more years of service to the country and her people.
What, then, could possibly have derailed the President’s plan, denying him what was believed to be an assured victory in November 2020?

“Elections have consequences,” we are reminded. In the months and years that followed, the voices of Talk Radio sounded the warning that the New Socialism would methodically suppress the freedoms promised in the Constitution, but it would take an America at the brink of revolution to restore what was lost.
Published 16 months before the 2020 presidential election, this fictional account has proved to be amazingly prophetic regarding the current state of politics in America.


“Oh No-o-o-o-o,” you say. “Do we really need another ‘what happened’ book?” It’s a fair question. There have been several published since we first learned that Hillary Clinton and her team of writers were putting together a new memoir — one that promised an intimate view into her thoughts and emotions as she fought to save America from the likes of “you-know-who.”
Then after she beat Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primary and winning the nomination, she had to face the tallest challenge of her political  career: FBI Director James Comey.

WARNING: If you are still in a state of emotional distress over the results of the 2016 Presidential  Election, you are probably NOT going to like this book.

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