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   Adventures in Time Travel  
  ConvergenceA Vietnam-era pilot and his navigator are thrust through space and time to rural Pennsylvania on the eve of the Battle of Gettysburg. When it was learned that our hero pilot—officially Missing in Action and presumed dead—may not have perished as previously believed, a history professor and his protégé are enlisted to weave together the threads of this lost airman’s life and bring solace to a grief-stricken mother.
About the Author
Roswell 1947 After helping solve the very strange case of a Vietnam-era pilot MIA caught up in cosmic time shift as featured in the author's novel Convergence,  Professor Roger Atwood and Amanda Marshall are off on a new quest. This time they are determined to uncover the truth behind the 1947 Roswell UFO incident. Were we really visited by aliens? Was there a government coverup? In this fast-paced novel the author presents a startling alternative explanation for one of the most controversial events of the last century.  
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   Political Discourse  
  Wha' Hoppen? or What Happened“Oh No-o-o-o,” you say. “Do we really need another ‘what happened’ book?” It’s a fair question. There have been several published since we first learned that Hillary Clinton and her team of writers were putting together a new memoir—one that promised an intimate view into her thoughts and emotions as she fought to save America from the likes of “you-know-who.” Then after she beat Bernie in the Democratic primary and winning the nomination, she had to face the tallest challenge of her political career: FBI Director James Comey.    
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   Ancient Aliens and Alternate History  
  Beak of the TurtleThey came from the stars—from a place in the night sky known to the ancients as the Beak of the Turtle. They came to earth in search of their roots and found a civilization that had just begun to stir.

This is a story of ancient aliens and the quest of modern day investigators to find and interpret the evidence they left behind 4,600 years ago.
The AviaryWith the arrival of a young Rock Pigeon to the aviary behind her Southern California mountain home, Pamela Devereux recalls the strange events that began twenty years earlier: How a visitor to the aviary from another time helped to save her son, a prisoner of war in Nazi Germany's V-2 missile production facility. The Aviary is a tale of alternate history and the unintended consequences that follow as countries in conflict race to develop terrible new weapons of war.  
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   Formatting and Self-Publishing  
  eBook and print book formattingUser Guide to Author & Publisher Manuscript Makerv 4.0:
Transform a Draft of Your Novel or Non-Fiction Book into a Ready-to-Publish Kindle eBook, ePub File or Print PDF.

This is a How-To publishing and formatting guide for use with the "Author & Publisher Manuscript Maker" software application for Personal Computers (published by Sky Scientific Press) that permits author/self-publishers to create and manage electronic and print book projects. If you are a new author just learning about Print-On-Demand and ePublishing or a published author with multiple titles interested in improving the professional appearance of your work, this useful guide may be for you.
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