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PO Box 7067
Brookings, Oregon 97415

About Sky Scientific

Sky Scientific began operations in Skyforest, California, in 1979 manufacturing a line of Polaroid®-back cameras for astrophotography as well as aftermarket accessories for Meade® and Celestron® Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes. A retail store offered instruments and accessories for astronomy as well as conventional photography.

Optical design software was initially created for internal product development purposes but evolved into a viable commercial product beginning in 1994. Book titles and additional software applications were first offered in 2007. Currently, Sky Scientific offers mail order and internet sales of optical design and other software and books plus a mixed compendium of new, used and surplus optics and supplies for amateur astronomers, telescope makers and educators.

Sky Scientific Press was established as a separate company division in 2013. Sky Scientific is privately held and NOT affiliated in any manner with the publicly-traded company, Sky Scientific, Inc., trading with the stock symbol "SKYS".

Company operations were moved from Skyforest, California, to Brookings, Oregon, effective January 1, 2019.

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