We are sorry you are having an issue with our software

Unable to Download. If you are unable to download the evaluation version of dbOptic, we are sorry. The download link may not be available at the present time. Please try again later.

Download Successful, but Unable to Install dbOptic. Contact us and report the problem. We may be able to solve it. Be sure to include the exact text of the error message and the Windows operating system you are using.

Install Successful, but dbOptic Program Won't Run:

1. International Users. If you were able to successfully download and install dbOptic, but you are getting error messages upon or immediately after program startup, you may need to temporarily change the regional settings on your workstation. In some instances, we have found that the program is unable to adjust for the regional settings and correctly distinguish between commas and periods ( , vs . ) in numerical values. Try temporarily resetting the regional setting to 'English (US)' and restart your computer.

2. Run dbOptic As Administrator. Make this selection by right-clicking on the dbOptic shortcut in the list of Start Menu programs (or Desktop Shortcut), select "Properties" and open the "Compatibility" tab and check the box "Run this program as an administrator."

If you continue to experience installation or program operating problems, please let us know. Describe the problem in detail and quote any error messages you receive as well as the operating system you are using. With this information, we may be able to advise you of any special steps that may be required to get the evaluation version to install and run on your system. Note that the Activation Key will NOT solve installation or operation problems. If the evaluation version fails to run, the licensed version will have the same problem on your workstation.

Differences Between Evaluation Version and Licensed Version:

1. Evaluation version database is limited to 50 optical designs. If this number is exceeded, one or more designs must be deleted to restore complete program operation.

2. The Glass Catalog provided with the Evaluation Version is 'Read Only'. You are unable to add new media or edit data for existing media in the evaluation version of dbOptic.

3. The full-feature license version of dbOptic will operate in a multi-user environment with linking to a single shared database file. The linking feature is not available in the evaluation version of the application.

4. Evaluation Version is time-limited. Program will cease operation after the evaluation period has lapsed.